Detailing Packages

At Petra Auto Sales, we offer a variety of detailing packages. View your options below and book your appointment today!

Car detailing is offered from May to October

Basic Package
Exterior hand wash
Interior vacuum – including trunk
Interior wipe down of plastic/vinyl surfaces
Interior and exterior window cleaning
Wipe down of door jams
$65.99 – drop off
$89.99 – customer location
Full Package
Basic package plus:
Anti-Fade Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Upgrade
Carpet Shampoo
$164.99 – drop off
$184.99 – customer location
VIP Package
Full package plus:
Full Exterior Buff/Polish
$349.99 – drop off
$369.99 – customer location
Seat Shampoo - $24.99+
Scent Infusion - $34.99
Excess Salt Removal - $29.99+
Excess Pet Hair Removal $29.99+
Rim Polish - $14.99
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Detailing Package:


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