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The Applicant and each Co-Applicant (we) certify that all information supplied to you herein (Petra Auto Sales) is true and complete. From time to time,

(a) You may collect credit and other financially related information about us, from the service arrangement we have made through you, from credit bureaus and other financial institutions, and from references we have provided you.

(b) You may use the information as follows;

(i) Provide it to credit bureaus and other financial institutions and, with our consent, to other parties.

(ii) To determine our financial situation.

(iii) To provide us with the services we request from you.

(iv) Provide it to anyone who works with you or for you, but only as needed for providing the services we request from you.

(c) You may also use information for the following purposes;

(i) To promote your services to us and add it to your client list and use it for this purpose.

(ii) Share it with other members of Petra Auto Sales (where the law does not prohibit this) so that they may promote their product to us.

(iii) You may use our social insurance number as an aid to identify us with credit bureaus and other financial institutions for credit history matching purposes.

(iv) To contact via text messages to my /our cell phone(s) to convey updates for my application, and I/we understand that standard text messaging rates may apply to any messages.

We may tell you to stop using my/our information in the ways described in the Sub-Section(c) at any time by contacting Petra Auto Sales at 613-290-4400. You acknowledge that the use of information in the ways described in Sub-Section(c) is at our option and that we will not be refused credit or other services just because we have told you to stop using it in those ways. We consent to, and acknowledge this as prior written notice of you obtaining a credit report or other information about me from time to time.

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